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Complete range of reactive colourpastes for colouring trowel- and self levelling floorings.
Additional products
Variopox Unigel
Variopox Unigel is a thixotropic paste based on epoxy resins. Improves the application properties of trowel floorings, eliminates sagging of trowel compounds on vertical surfaces. Suitable as sealing ...
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Variopox Topgel
Variopox Topgel is a thixotropic paste based on epoxy resins recommended as sealer for trowel floorings and stone carpets. Easy to apply by roller or squeegee. In combination with Variopox Topgel hard ...
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Variopox Topgel hardener
Variopox Topgel hardener is an UV stable hardener for Variopox Topgel or Variopox Unigel. ...
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